Sunday, May 09, 2010

3 W's response from the Park

Hi Bob.

Great site you have here as it keeps me in touch with whats happening here in the park as we don't always get to see the old friends we grew up with here. And boy, there is a treasure trove of old photos out there in the park as we get to see more often now. Man, keep them coming. So really, don't change too much. It's great to see what some of our old friends are up too, their grandchildren, their travels. What better way to see that our old buddies are enjoying life to the fullest. I was born here in 1947 so this town means a lot. Seeing a lot of my old friends send in photos etc to the site is just great. Once a "parker" always a parker, aye. Sure you can post.

Ross Morley

Thanks Ross... much appreciated.... '47 ??? Holy crap you're young

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